"How Can We See a Black Hole?"


Producing Organization IPAC/SSC Education and Public Outreach Group
Created by Doris Daou
Charlie Bluehawk
Robert Hurt
Jim Keller
Produced by Doris Daou and Jim Keller
Presented by Tom Jarrett
Written by Tom Jarrett, Doris Daou, and Jim Keller
Directed and Edited by Jim Keller
Animations by Jim Keller (Spitzer Science Center), April Hobart (Chandra X-ray Center), D. Berry (Chandra X-ray Center).
RXJ1242 Animation courtesy of the European Space Agency (ESA).
Music by Jim Keller
Associate Producers Andrea Dean and M.E. McElveney
Shot on location at the Pomona College Planetarium, Claremont, Calif., courtesy of the director, Dr. Bryan Penprase.