Cosmic Reference Guides

Guides to topics related to infrared astronomy and the Spitzer Space Telescope

Spitzer Mission & Instruments

NASA's Great Observatories
Why Send Spitzer into Space?
Spectroscopy and Photometry
Detector Technology
Launch Architecture
Spitzer's Unique Orbit

Astronomical Objects

Outer Planets and Moons
Zodiacal Dust
Brown Dwarfs
Molecular Clouds
Star Formation

Astronomical Objects ctn.

Star Clusters
Circumstellar Disks
Interstellar Dust and Gas
Our Galaxy - The Milky Way
Normal Galaxies
Galaxy Clusters
Early Universe
Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies

Infrared Radiation & Astronomy

The Electromagnetic Spectrum
What is Infrared?
Near, Mid and Far Infrared
Heat and Temperature
Why Infrared Astronomy is Important
History of Infrared Astronomy

Units of Measurement

Temperature Scales
Angular Measure
Measuring Distance
Coordinate Systems

Astronomical Imaging

Spatial (Angular) Resolution
Linear vs Logarithmic
False Colors

Author: Linda Hermans-Killam