Measuring a person's temperature gives basic information about their health. NASA has developed an Infrared Ear Thermometer which can record a patient's temperature in two seconds. Medical infrared technology is used for the non-invasive analysis of body tissues and fluids. Medical information about injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back and sports injuries, and diseases such as arthritis and breast cancer can be gained by studying where heat is distributed in the body. Infrared imaging is used to determine the depth of burns and in the analysis of blood flow and muscle performance. Many of these methods are also used in veterinary medicine. Infrared remote sensing is useful in monitoring diseases that are spread by mosquitos, whose presence is associated with certain land features or vegetation. NASA is even working on a project which will allow surgeons to perform operations in the dark.

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Infrared view of human body and infrared study of blood flow in legs (showing injured right ankle and weight transfer to the left leg)

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