Classroom Activities

Electromagnetic Spectrum

    Land of the Magic Windows
      Take a stroll through an imaginary amusement park, and find out how different the universe looks through different types of observing instruments. Introduces the electromagnetic spectrum to young children.
    Spin a Spectrum
      An exercise which teaches about the electromagnetic spectrum - its various regions and their associated wavelengths, frequencies, and energies.
    Electromagnetic Spectrum - A Physical Science Activity
      Compare and contrast the regions of the electromagnetic spectrum and conduct research to gather information on uses of the electromagnetic spectrum.
    Calculation Investigation
      An activity which teaches students how light is broken up into a spectrum and the relationship between wavelength, frequency and energy.
    Electromagnetic Spectrum Activities
      Explore the electromagnetic spectrum using a variety of interactive internet resources and hands-on activities.
    Space Based Astronomy
      A NASA educator guide which includes several activities designed to help students learn about the electromagnetic spectrum.
    What's the Frequency?
      Students will discover and verify the relationship between wavelength and frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum.
    Star Light, Star Bright
      In this lesson, students will identify the different properties of waves and the relationship that exists between energy, wavelength, and frequency.
    Electromagnetic Radiation on Trial
      Students are introduced to the properties of electromagnetic radiation in a variety of ways.



    X-ray Imaging Activity
      Use data collected from the Chandra X-ray Observatory to calculate the intensity of a supernova remnant.
    RXTE Learning Center
      A variety of X-ray astronomy activities in which students will use actual data to analyze X-ray data.
    X-ray Activity
      A simple experiment which demonstrates the effects of X-rays.
    X-ray Imaging Activity
      A simulation which lets you see how imaging techniques can let you see inside an object.
    X-ray Vision
      This activity is designed to allow students to gain an approximation of how X-ray crystallography works.





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