Welcome to the Multiwavelength Astronomy Gallery! For selected astronomical objects in the famous Messier catalog, as well as for some non-Messier objects, we have gathered images taken at different wavelengths by a variety of ground-based and space-borne observatories. The primary purpose of this gallery to introduce the wealth of data available at wavelengths beyond the familiar visible light we are accustomed to seeing. You will discover some important characteristics of astronomical phenomena, and learn about which types of radiation are best suited for studying certain objects. You can learn more about a particular object by clicking on the banner at the top of each object's Gallery page. This will provide you with general background information about that particular object, courtesy of the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space. At the top of each Gallery is a mosaic of various images, each taken at a different wavelength. By scrolling down through the Gallery, you will find copies of each image, accompanied by explanatory text which will explain the similarities and differences between images. Select a category below to begin.

Solar System: Overview | Sun | Moon

Open Star Clusters: Overview | M29 | M45-Pleiades

Globular Clusters: Overview | M13 | M79 | M92 | Omega Cen

Emission Nebulae: Overview | M17 | M20-Trifid | 30 Doradus

Planetary Nebulae: Overview | M27-Dumbbell | M57-Ring Neb

Supernova Remnants: Overview | M1-Crab Neb | Cassiopeia A

Spiral Galaxies (Type Sa): Overview | M65 | M104

Spiral Galaxies (Type Sb): Overview | M31 | M77 | M81 | M94 | M106

Spiral Galaxies (Type Sc): Overview | M33 | M74 | M100 | M101

Elliptical Galaxies: Overview | M84 | M87

Irregular Galaxies: Overview | LMC | SMC

Active Galaxies: Overview | M51 | M82 | Antennae | Centaurus A