Welcome to the Multiwavelength Messier Museum! For selected astronomical objects in the famous Messier catalog, we have gathered images taken at different wavelengths by a variety of ground-based and space-borne observatories. The human eye is a remarkable organ, but provides a mere sliver of insight into the richness of information that all celestial phenomena provide. If we wish to understand the cosmos and its spectacular objects, we must collect and study radiation throughout the entire electromagnetic spectrum. With multiwavelength data in hand, we can gain a more complete picture of celestial objects, and learn much about how scientific research often requires the skills of a good detective!

The primary purpose of this online Museum is to introduce users to the wealth of data available at wavelengths beyond the familiar visible light we are accustomed to seeing. You will discover some important characteristics of astronomical phenomena, and learn about which types of radiation are best suited to studying certain objects. By comparing images of objects obtained at different wavelengths, you will be able to interpret interesting features, and discover why certain objects emit little or no radiation at some wavelengths.

As you tour the Museum, take time to examine the images, make comparisons, and think carefully about the information accompanying the images. You can either visit your favorite objects, or tour all of the galleries from start to finish. Enjoy your tour!

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