Spectrometer Tutorial

The Whyville spectrometer has an electrode to zap gaseous elements and a Bunsen burner to burn solids. The light created by these actions is fed through a diffraction grating and projected on the wall of the spectroscopy lab. You can project the spectra of up to 5 gasses and 5 solids on the wall by dragging gasses to the electrode and solids to the Bunsen burner. You can also remove the sample by clicking on an element that's already in the flame or the electrodes.

Place gaseous samples here.

Place solid samples here.

The Spectrometer game consists of 2 levels:

  1. In the first level, the spectrum of an unknown element will be displayed on the wall. Your job is to duplicate the spectrum you see on the wall using the whyville spectrometer. When you match 5 samples, you win the game.
  2. The second level will display the spectra of several combined samples that you must match. When you create 3 combinations of elements that match the target spectrum, you win.

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