Ask an Astronomer FOR KIDS! - Mars

Why is Mars reddish?
What is the highest mountain on Mars?
When did we first land a spacecraft on Mars?
How large is Mars compared to Earth?
How strong is the gravity on Mars?
How long is a day on Mars?
How long does it take Mars to go around the sun?
Does Mars have any moons?
How bad are the dust storms on Mars?
Is there water on Mars?
Does Mars have an atmosphere?
Can we breath on Mars?
What is the temperature on Mars?
Is there life on Mars?
When did the first robot rover go to Mars?
Is there really a giant canyon on Mars?
Who discovered Mars?
How long does it take to get to Mars from Earth?
How did Mars and its moons get their names?
Was life discovered in a meterorite from Mars?
How old is Mars?