Infrared Yellowstone Lesson 1
The Invisible Yellowstone National Park


Activity Time: varies, approximately 60 minutes

Presented here is a basic extension activity idea that you can modify for your own classroom. It can be used, as written here, as a classroom "jigsaw" activity that models the Day 2 Infrared Old Faithful compare and contrast activity. It can double as an assessment activity or as a homework assignment. It may also serve as a springboard to your geology curriculum.

You will be using Image Set 2, Image Set 3, and Image Set 4 of the Image Appendix. (Section VII.B, Section VII.C, and Section VII.D)

1. Divide the class into 3 groups and assign each group a feature: Mudpots, Hot Springs, or Hot Spring Terraces. From these large groups, make smaller learning groups within each feature. You may end up with 2-3 Mudpot groups, 2-3 Hot Spring groups, or 2-3 Hot Spring Terraces groups.

2. Each learner will receive their own image set according to their feature name. For example: each person in the Mudpot group will get a complete Image Set 2 which contains Mudpot 1, Mudpot 2, and Mudpot 3.

3. Each learner will also receive Section VI. Worksheets - Observation Log C. To continue on with the prior day's sample scenario, they are still explorers and need to report back on interesting geothermal features they discover! They will again be comparing and contrasting the visible light and infrared images of features as they did with Day 2's Infrared Old Faithful activity.

4. Jigsaw Activity:

Jigsaw-like activities fall into the category of cooperative learning. Each individual is responsible for their own small piece of knowledge during the beginning of the activity. Then they work together with other learners who are also responsible for that same piece of knowledge to better understand their piece. Once a good understanding is established, these topic specific groups are redistributed so that new groups are formed. In these new groups, each learner holds a different piece of knowledge that must be shared and communicated to the entire group. Jigsaw activities employ cooperative learning and peer teaching strategies. There is individual and group accountability. If you would like more information on this innovative technique, please see the Jigsaw Classroom website: If your learners have not yet been in the jigsaw activity Learning environment, you may need to take some extra steps to alleviate anxiety and increase their understanding of individual and group responsibility.

5. To conclude this activity, hold an all-class discussion similar to how Day 2's Infrared Old Faithful activity ended.

The below sample observations are some of the main observations of the images and are not all of the observations one could make.

Sample Observation statements on Image Set 2: Mudpots (Section VII,B)

Sample Observation statements on Image Set 3: Hot springs (Section VII,C)

Sample Observation statements on Image Set 4: Hot Spring Terraces (Section VII,D)

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