Infrared Zoo Lessons - Glossary


absorb - to take in

cold-blooded - having a body temperature that is not internally regulated and that takes on the temperature of the environment.

ectotherm - a cold-blooded animal that cannot regulate its body temperature.

electromagnetic radiation - another term for light which includes x-rays, gamma rays, ultraviolet, visible, infrared, microwave and radio waves.

emit - to put out

endotherm - an animal capable of maintaining its body temperature above the temperature of the external environment.

false-color - assigning color to an image to reveal features or convey information.

habitat - the environment where an animal normally lives.

heat - the energy an object has because of the movement of its atoms and molecules

infrared - electromagnetic radiation that we can feel as heat. Infrared has wavelengths longer than the red end of visible light and shorter than microwaves.

radiate - to send out light or electromagnetic radiation

temperature - a measure of how hot or cold something is - how much heat energy it has. Temperature is essentially a measure of how fast the particles in a body are moving (or vibrating).

thermoregulate - to control body temperature

warm-blooded - animals capable of regulating their body temperature

wavelength - a characteristic of light, it is the distance between two wave crests.

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