Spitzer 3D Model

These 3D meshes are provided to the community to support outreach efforts. They are provided as-is; support is not available.

The native format for this model is Lightwave [7.5]. Translations into 3D Studio and MAX have been kindly provided by Adler Planetarium, but these have not been checked locally. In particular, the LW[7.5] models rely heavily on procedural textures for surface attributes ("dirtying" of surfaces, bumps) which likely have not carried over properly into other formats. Reference photos of the observatory and rendered images of the model may be found at the SIRTF Science Center Image Gallery.

If you download these models we do request that you send an email indicating your intended uses so we may track where these resources are being used.


The Lightwave file is a layered object. The dust cover is in the final layer and should be hidden/deleted for operational mode.

The 3DS & MAX meshes come in two versions. The first is all geometry in a single file. The second is broken into 3 pieces (dust cover and two different observatory segments) addressing problems encountered by some users in polygon count limits.


All archives are in .zip format.