Visible Light/Infrared Side-By-Side Movies

Our Infrared World

This site lets you view QuickTime movies that show you what our world looks like in the infrared, compared with visible light. Simply click on the movie you want to view.

Remember as you look at the movies that infrared is really a form of heat, so in these movies darker colors are cooler, and warmer colors are brighter. Though the "scale" (meaning exactly what temperature is depicted as what color) is different from movie to movie, you can see some surprising colors in the infrared.

Yellowstone National Park

These movies were shot in Yellowstone National Park, and feature images of Earth's geothermal power.

Flying Model Rocket

This footage shows the launch of an Estes flying model rocket. Notice the heat trail put out by the rocket engine as it leaves the ground.


The Hawaiian Islands sit on one of Earth's "hot spots," and so has some spectacular volcanism. These movies were shot during a recent cycle of eruption.