Visible View of M81 & M82

WISE_WISE2011-002-VIS January 13, 2011

Creator: Panther Observatory

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The two famous galaxies M 81 (left) and M 82 (right) in Ursa Major are situated 12 million light years away.

M 81 - Bode's face on galaxy shows tidal interaction from the only 150000 light years distant M 82, the Cigar galaxy is distorted by the gravitational interaction with M 81 and shows strong H-alpha streamers in direction of the rotation axis far out from the galactic plane.

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Image Details

Image Type
Object Name
Messier 81 M81 Bode's Galaxy NGC 3031 Messier 82 M82 Cigar Galaxy NGC 3034 NGC 3077
Subject - Local Universe
Galaxy » Type » Spiral
Galaxy » Type » Irregular
Galaxy » Type » Interacting
Galaxy » Grouping » Cluster
Galaxy » Grouping » Multiple


12,000,000 light years

Position Details

Position (ICRS)
RA = 9h 55m 44.0s
DEC = 69° 22’ 0.0”
North is 90.0° CW
Field of View
28.8 x 17.0 arcminutes
Ursa Major